The Full Diet CSA is a partnership between several farms in the area to bring you high quality, local options for everything you eat. We partner with Valley Spirit Farm, Faul Family Riverside Farm, Rootbound Farm, T.C. Fisher, MozzaPi, and other farmers and producers in the area to offer vegetables, beef, pork, mushrooms, chicken, turkey, lamb, milk, honey, bread and grains, fats, ferments, bone broth, and more! It's like having an entire farmers market delivered straight from the farm to your door. 

  • Vegetables, bone broth, and lacto-fermented vegetables from our farm

  • Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, vegetables, and mushrooms from Valley Spirit Farm in Henry County, KY

  • Pastured poultry from Faul Family Riverside Farm in Henry County, KY

  • Certified Organic vegetables, eggs, and grass-fed lamb from Rootbound Farm in Oldham County, KY

  • Bread and grains from Mozza Pi/LouisMill Stone Ground Mill in Oldham County, KY

  • Raw honey from TC Fisher in Louisville, KY

  • Dairy from On Tapp Dairy in Washington County, KY

  • And guest appearances from other farms with seasonal and specialty products throughout the season!

Interested? Here's more info about how it works!

  1. Every other week, you will receive an order form curated with the best of the best of what's in season. You will select as much from that list as your family will eat during the two-week period. Check out a sample order form here! 

  2. We deliver to your house (or your pick-up hub) every other Wednesday. 

  3. You pay for your CSA based on household size. Here's a breakdown of our fee structure: 

    • First adult: $115/week​​

    • Second adult: $60/week

    • Each child aged 4-17: $15/week

    • Each child aged 3 and under: Free!

    • So, for a family of 4 with two children 3 and under, the monthly charge would be $700.